Why is playing bridge good for me?

Because it combines cognitive exercize with social activity. As such, bridge is an ideal activity for people who are at risk for Alzeimer's.

Evidence #1 - USA Only

Certain Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement Plans recognize the power of social fitness activities, understand that bridge players cost them less, and ACTIVELY REWARD members for partaking!

Specifically these plans reimburse players for just playing, if (a) such activity can be documented and (b) if reimbursement can be administered efficiently.

The American Contract Bridge League has partnered with Element3 Health to document these activities. In turn, Element3 Health arranges for the membership fees of these players to be paid out of these Medicare plans.

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Evidence #2 - Finland

The Alzheimer's Association has shared the results of a large-scale clinical trial in Finland that demonstrated the benefits of combining cognitive training and social activity in staving off Alzheimer's.

Playing bridge is a cognitive exercize: The player must count cards, visualize the cards they cannot see, and execute a play.

Playing bridge is a social activity: It is played with 3 other people at the table. You get to talk to them. The one across from you is your partner, and you can only succeed if you cooperate and communicate with them effectively.

Combining cognitive exercize with social activity makes bridge an ideal activity for people at risk for Alzeimer's.

Additionally, players report personal fullfillment anytime they make a successful play. Try it and see for yourself!

The AARP article referencing the study.