Repeating the test

The dummy's hand was: ♠ A 3 2 A 3 2 A 4 3 2 ♣ A Q J 2

Your partner, South, held: ♠ K Q J 4 K Q 4 K Q J ♣ 6 5 4

West lead the ♣3.

Your partner claimed 12 tricks immediately: 4 in spades, 3 in hearts, 4 in diamonds, and 1 in clubs, the Ace.

Did you notice that at trick 1 your partner could have played the ♣Q from dummy?
If the ♣K were with the West, your partner would have made an overtrick: 13, not just 12.
Further, doing so would not have jeopardized the contract in any way: Even if the ♣K were with the East hand, declarer would still win the remaining 12 tricks no matter what.

If you did not notice it, you belong in the social group.

If you noticed it, how did it make you feel?

Click your answer (again, no wrong answer):

Either: That's ok, we made what we bid. I enjoy this group too much to make any waves. I, too, could make more tricks on occasion, and I am not here for a lesson.

Or: I wish my partner had taken the finesse. Good play matters to me. If I miss a good play, I would like someone to let me know, privately perhaps, so I can get better with time.